Ghouls Gold Slots

We wouldn't want to meet a ghoul in the dark of night or in fact at any time. Yet we have one looking over the reels of this game, and it seems friendly enough. We must brave its presence to check out the features in the Ghoul's Gold slot, so let's do that now before we lose our nerve…

What's the format for this Betsoft slot?

The three-reel format returns for this game, with several icons in view per reel. This means you can play over three lines.

Penny slot game possibilities

Coins often go between a penny and a dollar in lots of slots, and they do for this game too. Since this is a three-reel slot, you might guess there are multiple coins available per line - up to five, in this case.

Two symbols to hunt for in the Ghoul's Gold online slot

If you see WILD, you have found the wild, obviously. There are coins all around the word, too. The only symbol it won't sub for, according to the details, is the bag of cash. Find that three times on the same payline and you are in line for the jackpot.

Are there any bonus features to note in this game?

Oftentimes, the answer to this question is no. Not this time, however. We know that Ghoul's Gold does provide players with the chance to net a bonus feature. To find it, you must land the ghoul in three spots on the same line.

We'd love to tell you what to expect from this round, but alas, we cannot… as there are no details in the paytable and we haven't managed to get there ourselves. Should we manage to do so on our next attempt, we'll tell you more here.

Will you play the Ghoul's Gold slot?

You should be able to find the demo of the game at several online casinos, giving you the option to test it first. This is always sensible if you've never seen the game before.

As ghouls go, this effort isn't frightening at all. And let's face it, if it appears enough times to unlock the bonus round, we know you'll be pleased to see it.