Cleocatra Slots

If you love cats, you will enjoy playing Cleocatra slots and become the queen of Egypt so you can be surrounded by these cute feline creatures. This 5 reels, 3 rows, 40 paylines video slots game from Pragmatic gaming is an Egyptian cat-themed game that is purring full of features and lots of ways to win. But did you know that cats played a major role in ancient Egyptian culture and art? Yes, they were believed to be magical creatures and were known to bring people good luck. Not only that, but wealthy families would dress their cats in jewels and fine clothing’s so that they would look like royalty. Most importantly, cats would remind Egyptians that they had the power of the gods and when they died, they were mummified just like the pharaohs because they were thought to have supernatural powers they could take to the afterlife. Now you can enjoy Cleocatra slots and see if the Egyptians were right and find out if the cats can bring you good luck when you play this game. It is interesting how the game developer combined the famous queen Cleopatra’s name and cuddly little cats in this slot machine.

What to expect when you play Cleocatra slots

The setting of this game takes place in ancient Egypt with the desert, pyramids, birds, and lots of cat cartoon characters wearing royal clothing and jewels like an emperor from long ago. For the frame of the game, it is encased in gorgeous illustrated Egyptian pillars and architecture with the logo at the top which includes a cat paw. On either side of the frame, there are two cats standing guard. The cat caricatures are the main images for the reels, but there are others too that are perfect for an Egyptian slot game like four cat pharaohs, golden pyramids, golden paws, an Ankh, and the typical playing card symbols like the 10, J, Q, K, and the Ace. The pyramid is the wild symbol, and the golden paw is the scatter symbol. You can play this game on any major browser like Chrome or Firefox or if you are on your way to Egypt, you can play on any mobile device.

How to play Cleocatra slots

This game is fun to play and comes loaded with brilliant colors and animations for you to enjoy. The controls and windows are at the base of the game starting with the settings button, volume controls, information button, account balance, win amount window, wager amount buttons, spin button, and the auto play button. There is even a buy free spins button for when you don’t want to wait for the winning combinations.