Bust-a-Vault Slots

There is nothing more frustrating than being new to a slot game and getting overwhelmed with the number of rules and random features. In fact, it can make playing the slot a miserable experience if you can’t understand the rules. Players who like to quickly be able to understand the management of their chosen slot game will love Bust-A-Vault Slots from Rival Gaming group. Bust-A-Vault Slots comes with three-reels and is one of the most accessible games in the industry to play. However, just because it is easy to play does not mean there is not amazing winning potential that comes with it. Players of Bust-A-Vault Slots can choose a coin size from $0.01 to $5.00, which also makes it relatively affordable for any player.

Fruity & Familiar: Game Symbols For Bust-A-Vault Slots

The symbols in Bust-A-Vault Slots are very familiar. They include cherries, bars, oranges, lemons, and safes. However, there are three different types of Bar symbols (red, white, blue), which all payout differently. For example, the red bar will pay five times more than the other bars. The cherry symbol will pay out even if only one is landed, giving the player their bet back if one is landed on the reel. The lemon symbol is the lowest paying of the fruit symbols, paying 30 coins. The orange symbol pays 75 coins, the cherry symbol pays 100 coins, and the vault pays 500 coins. In addition, the vault symbol acts as a Wild symbol for the game. Even if a player only lands two vault symbols, they’ll get paid.

Sit Back, Relax & Spin: Bust-A-Vault Slots

Playing online slot games should be a fun and not frustrating experience. Simple and classic slots like Bust-A-Vault Slots can allow players to sit back and enjoy their gaming time. There is nothing confusing about the game. Players can feel confident in knowing why and when they have earned a payout. They can relax, spin the reel, and see what happens. It is a great game for beginning players or those who prefer classic fruit slot concepts. It may be a little boring for those who like a lot of modern twists to their slot games, but Bust-A-Vault Slots is a very steady and stable online slot choice. If you love classic slots that require very little thinking when it comes to their rules, this online slot is the perfect selection for you.