The banking options at 7 Spins Mobile Casino makes sure to cover almost all bases - for the convenience of the gamer, of course. After all, you know that this casino is serious about money, given the emerald green theme. The banking protocols are well-established and secure so that your financial details are protected in transit.

Since your initial interaction with 7 Spins Mobile will be via deposit, let's take a look at how it works. The major credit cards are accepted; this includes American Express for you Yankees, as well as Mastercard and Visa. The least you can deposit with these cards is $10, and the transaction is instantaneous. There is another credit card accepted here; you may not have heard about it: the Maestro Card. It isn't yet popular with Americans; but if you have one - it's accepted at 7 Spins Mobile Casino.

Lastly for the deposit section, is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Although there are several different forms of digital currency these days, Bitcoin is the most popular by far and the only one currently accepted by online casinos in general. Look in the Promotions section of 7 Spins, and you'll see that there's a huge 400% Bonus associated with Bitcoin. It's free to send and receive, since online casinos don't have to worry about paying a payment processor for it; just have the hash attached to your Bitcoin wallet ready and you can start making transactions.

Withdrawals have a different set of considerations associated with them. Bank cheque, for example, costs $20 to employ because the transaction, itself, costs the casino to conduct. For big wins, the payments are made at a rate of $300 max per withdrawal, your funds will be released to you like a weekly income check, with $20 taken out each time. The eCheck method doesn't differ qualitatively that much from the previous; except for the lower amounts you can extract at one time:

  • withdrawals between $100-$1000 have a $10 surcharge
  • withdrawals totaling more than $1000 have a $20 surcharge
  • it takes a business week to get your funds via eCheck, and you can't take out less than $100

The final method of withdrawal allowed is bank transfer. The minimum you can withdraw via this method is $500, at a surcharge cost of $23, and a transit time of a business week. These numbers are not, however, set in stone, and vary with your level of VIP membership. The levels run from Basic to Master, and possess different levels of access. At the lowest level, your withdrawal max is $500 each week, and at the very highest Master level, you actually can speak with the casino for your very own custom withdrawal limits. The in-between levels consist of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium - check the 7Spins Casino website for more information.